Thursday, June 10, 2010

HOLY MOLY!! I just realized isn't been over a year since I posted anything on here! So incredibly sorry for that. I'll work on getting pictures up and some updates.

Life has changed so much since January 2009 (when I last posted)!
Ava is now 20 months old and it sounds funny to say her age in months but I'm not willing to say "almost 2" quite yet. She's all over the place and doing wonderfully. The words are really starting to explode out of her, even though there are still many times I look at her with a very confused expression having no idea what all the jumble was that just came flowing out of her gorgeous self.

Since last January, Addam got laid off from RK and we packed up and moved to Sterling under my parents' wings to try to recover. A few months later some great family friends of ours offered to let us stay in an empty house they had for free in exchange for some labor on the house. We moved in July and enjoyed the country for awhile, knowing that it wasn't for us, but would work for the time being. Addam got a great job in March 2010 working at the wind energy park and we thanked God for that opportunity. Only a few weeks after accepting and starting a position at the wind park, Addam got a call from a company he had applied with months before. They were very interested in him. He went through a few interviews and the company loved him. After only 6 weeks with the wind park he turned in his 2 weeks notice and we packed up to move once again heading back to the mountains.

Today, we are now finally getting settled into our cute little rented condo in Avon, CO and loving it here. It was very hard for us to leave my family, having been so close to them for over a year. We loved having the ability to take Ava to Gamma and Papa's house so Addam and I could have "us" time. Even though it was hard to leave, we knew this was where God wanted us. Addam now works for MTech, a mechanical contractor, in Avon. He loves his new job and we live 3/10 of a mile from his office. He walks to work in the mornings, drives home for lunch with us, and Ava and I walk to join him on his walk home in the evenings.

So, as I said, life has changed drastically in the last year and a half, but we love where it has taken us. I promise to get a few pictures posted soon.