Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a few Christmas pics

Here are a couple Christmas pics. Sorry no time for much more.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's been awhile!

Sorry I haven't put a post up here recently! It's been almost a month. I'll try to get some pictures on here tomorrow...if I remember! We are all doing well. Ava's nights are getting much better. Not as much fussing and great sleep. Now if we could just sleep more and stop waking up to check on her!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who took my baby!

Who took my sleepy baby and switched her with the monster I find in her bed at midnight? We had a few great nights where she slept for 5 hours, woke up to eat and then slept for 4 more hours! Night before last she woke up at 330am and didn't go back to sleep until 745am! Last night she went to sleep at 8pm, woke up to eat at midnight and wouldn't go back to sleep! At 230am I finally gave up and woke up Addam to try to get her to sleep. We finally just let her cry in her bed, she fell asleep after only a few minutes but seemed very restless the rest of the night. And again she is in the process of waking up from her less then hour nap. Hopefully we'll get some much needed sleep today!

Friday, October 17, 2008

2 weeks old today!

I can't believe this beautiful baby of ours is 2 weeks old already. And holding her head up. She started doing this at day 3! She has gotten much better and sturdier, but obviously still needs a little support. She's changed so much already. And we are so in love with her. Nights have gotten much better. She goes to sleep around 9pm, wakes up to eat around 2am, and then wakes up at about 5:30 in time to tell daddy bye! She just loves to sleep. Her awake time is getting longer during the day as well.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

One week old...yesterday!

Where has the week gone?

Here are some pictures from the last week. Including our hospital room and some views out the windows, oh, and of course sweet baby Ava.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here's the story!

Here's the full story.

On Thursday (10-2) morning at my appt my blood pressure was even higher so the dr. sent me to the hospital to be induced. We got here at 1pm. They started the cervidil (med to dilate cervix) at 2:30. At 8pm the dr. stopped by to check me and I'd made no progress so she decided to break my water, I had a bit of a breakdown and Addam had to help me from completely freaking out.
I labored overnight and had a few meds to dull the pain but they didn't do much more than just make me loopy. I was progressing, but slowly. At 11:30 on Friday(10-3) I finally gave in got the epidural. I wasn't completely numb but it took the edge off.
Around 4pm Ava's heart rate sky rocketed and wouldn't come back down so we started talking csection. I really wanted to avoid that, but I always knew it was a chance. The dr. brought in the form for me to sign and started prepping me for surgery and the surgery team was in the hall and ready. I asked to be checked one last time ( at 5pm) and was 10cm! The dr gave me the choice to attempt to push but mostlikely not getting anywhere or to go straight to the csec. I knew I had to try everything so we started pushing. 40 min later she made her entrance into the outside world without a csection. Despite the dr saying she wouldn't fit and the fact that she was facing upside down, I still got her here.
She is still on oxygen, partially because of a very small amount of fluid in her lungs (that has gone away) and partially because of the elevation. We just can't seem to get her off that last little bit. We are hopeful that going home (about 2,000ft drop in elevation) will do it for her and we can lose the O2.
We should get to go home today (10-5) as long as she continues to do well.
Feeding has been tough, she just gets so worked up. We've supplimented a little with formula, but hopefully soon we can get her off that as well. Recovery is going well, still sore.
I did get the best birthday present ever, even though she came a few hours before my birthday. The hospital was having an open house yesterday so I still go my bday cake! And every nurse sang 'happy birthday' to me!
I should be sleeping (since it's 430am) but I just can't seem to fall asleep. I'll post more pictures soon.
Our precious baby is just that, precious!



October 3, 2008

5:41pm 7lbs6oz 20in


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Having a baby this month!

Ava will be born this month! I can't believe we made it this far. With the scare of preterm labor at 33 weeks, to the high blood pressure and scare of pre-eclampsia (still could get it), and the 6 weeks of bedrest (yes I'm STILL bored) we never thought we would get to this point. I was sure we would have a September baby! My doctor even made this comment at my appt yesterday. But now I KNOW we will have an October baby! Come on my precious pumpkin, join us! All we know is she will be here before Oct 19! Dr won't let anyone go past 12 days late.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another update

My appt went well. Ava wasn't wanting to wake up for awhile, but then we finally got her moving and they wanted her to calm down...it was pretty funny. I'm sure she was thinking, "what do you people want from me?" My BP was 148/87 when they first took it and then 141/89 just before we left. It looks about the same as it has. I have another appt on Thursday. The nurse I had today is the idiot that doesn't know anything. She's also the one that made the huge bruise and knot in my arm when she drew my blood...I just can't stand her and today she spelled like poo, that was gross.

I came home to the water being turned off! Yippee, I so love the construction site across the street! I would love them even more if they would stay on their side of the street and stop interrupting our side. How is a 9mo pregnant woman supposed to survive without water? I asked them how long it would be off and they said it should only be another hour or so. They told me I was welcome to use their port-a-potty if I liked....YUCK!

Why am I awake?

On the one day of the week that I can actually sleep in, I'm wide awake at 5am! My hip hurt too badly to stay in bed so I'm up watching the news, not that it's interesting, it's just there!

My appt from yesterday was postponed until this morning at 8:30. Addam doesn't mind, he gets to sleep 2 extra hours!

I'll update later after I get home from my appt.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Again, Really?

I woke up at 4:17am in a panic because the baby was crying! Only it obviously wasn't the baby! I have NO IDEA what our crazed cats do in the middle of the night. Those of you that have stayed with us know that they are crazy in the wee hours! One of them was outside our bedroom door 'crying,' I'm not a fan of waking up that way! I know I'll be waking up to a crying baby soon, but until then can I please not!

I have a dr. appt this afternoon in Aspen. I will update later about how it went.

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


My head isn't doing too badly this weekend! I didn't take any darvocet yesterday and now I feel bad about taking it. I know that it doesn't hurt Ava but she was so active yesterday and hasn't been while I take the meds. I just feel bad that they make her so sleepy! I know she'll be ok, but it just makes me sad to know that I'm the one that makes her so inactive!

We only have 9 days until my due date! Hopefully she'll be here soon! I'm ready!

Last night one of the cats was meowing in the hall outside our room and my first thought when I woke up was "the baby's crying!" That made me cry! I guess I'm ready, she'll be here soon!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Appointment Update

I had my appointment today. It was at the Aspen office, I like that office!

I think I saw everyone there, from the nurses to the nurse practicioner to the doctor, they are all ready for me to pop!

Ava looked great on the ultrasound. We looked at all the chambers of her heart and saw it beating away at 154bpm (perfect). We saw her practicing breathing and swallowing, and her little tiny bladder was full! She's measuring about 8lbs, but that is just a rough estimate. She's still enjoying her little haven!

My BP was still high, but not off the charts (150/90), so they drew more blood. I called the nurse a vampire! The doc was on her way to the hospital so she was going to drop off my blood in the lab so I should get the results back this evening.

I have another appt on Monday afternoon. Until then, I sit on the couch and take as few pain meds as possible to tolerate the pain.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just another Wednesday!

HI, so today is just another day. Hanging out in pain. My head is killing me (normal), my back hurts (normal), my tailbone hurts (normal), my hips hurt (normal), and Ava has wedged herself between my left hip bone and the right side of my rib cage (OUCH)! One would think that being wedged there would take the pressure off my sciatic nerve so I could actually walk and stand without pain, but NO somehow she is big enough to make EVERYTHING hurt. Ok, enough complaining.

I have an appointment at noon tomorrow, my appointments seem to take a long time these days, so I won't be notifying anyone of the details of my appointment at 12:01, please be patient! I will update on here when I get home. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a reminder!

For those of you planning to come visit us after Ava is born: PLEASE remember that we would like at least the first week as our new little family of 3! Addam has very little time off work and he puts in a lot of hours at the office. He wants time to meet his new daughter and be able to have her complete attention. I want time to figure out a routine and get nursing figured out before we are bombarded by visitors. Yes, we understand you are all very excited to meet little Ava, but please respect our wishes! We might just not answer the door!

STILL baking!

Yes I'm still pregnant! NO, calling me to ask me if I had her yet is not going to get her here any sooner and asking what day I'll have her doesn't help either! EVERYONE knows that babies come when they are good and ready! I'm miserable and grumpy about it.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. I was told on Friday that I would be induced Monday night. Well, being as I'm sitting on my couch Tuesday morning with no "outside" baby I would say they were wrong. I'm was incredibly disappointed and incredibly grouchy about it yesterday. I really am just ready to get rid of these headaches and all the other aches and pains that go along with pregnancy. I have had a lot of contractions, but they seem to just be irritating and deprive me of the little sleep I get but not getting me anywhere. Maybe someday they will. Until then, I'm here, on my couch, avoiding phone calls because I'm beginning to hate the question "How are you feeling?". I feel like crap, I'm 9 months pregnant and have just about every issue you could have while being pregnant. I still think those women that have 10+ kids are insane!

Ok, vent over! Have a great day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

3 hours at hospital

We spent 3 hours at the hospital for them to just send me home. They gave me some darvocet for my headaches while worked for about 2 hours. The headache is definately back and not fun at all. Hopefully Ava will join us soon so these headaches can go away.

Yet another day on bedrest

I'm home on bedrest. And I just want my head to stop hurting.

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon. Ava looked good on the NST and the ultrasound, never thought I would spend this much time on the monitors! She seems to be doing well. My bloodpressure was really high, 164/84. They drew more blood and will let me know the results this evening. It just frightens me that there is no way for me to tell if my BP goes up.

I don't have a video of Ava, but when we were watching her on the ultrasound she looked like she was crying! It just broke my heart. Her mouth was open wide, her eye lids were closed tight and her chin was quivering. I just wanted to cuddle my baby girl. It made me cry too!

Here is a video of another baby crying in utero, just heart breaking!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is what I do with my spare time...I really am bored! And truely sick of my headaches!

Just another day

Not a lot going on today. Just hanging on bedrest and nervous for my appointment tomorrow. Trying not to worry about it, I know that doesn't help my blood pressure. Addam will be coming home at a decent time tonight so we can finish up the last things we want to do before baby Ava arrives. We don't know at all when this baby will come but there is always a chance I won't be sent home and I will be sent to the hospital. We will keep updating on here so try not to worry.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another 3 days

I had my appointment at 9am today. My blood pressure went down a tiny bit from 145/96 to 140/85. So still not great. I had a non stress test and it took a bit to wake up baby Ava. She is looking ok, not too stressed. I have another appointment on Thursday afternoon to check my blood pressure and have some more blood drawn. Until then I'm on bedrest!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nurse Called

I just talked to the nurse from the doctor's office and my bloodwork looks fine. Nothing has changed since they drew my blood a few weeks ago. That is a good thing, kidneys and liver and still functioning correctly. I have my next appointment on Monday morning.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Horrible appointment = More Bedrest! :(

I'm so tired of this. I get off bedrest for 2 days and they put me back on it. My blood pressure was 155/96! And didn't go down while I was there or while I was laying down. I had some protein in my urine, but not a lot...they didn't give me numbers. Baby is still measuring 3 weeks ahead. They took some blood for labs and will call me tomorrow with the results. I go back Monday and if it's still high they will induce me then. I guess the good thing is I tested negative for group B strep so I don't have to take antibiotics during labor. I'm not doing a 24 hour urine collection. But I'm still sad. I'm so sick of all of this and my damn headaches are caused from the high BP. SUCKY!

Another day

Nothing too exciting yet today. Just dealing with these frustrating headaches. I have an appointment this afternoon. I'll update later on that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Headaches and mild contractions

My head is killing me! It seems that the only way I can keep my head only having mild pain is to take tylenol every four hours and drink caffeine. I feel like I'm drugging this poor baby, but I can't handle the headaches. Yesterday they were so bad that I think they were borderline migraine status. Noise and light made it worse.

I have been having mild contractions since yesterday afternoon. By no means do they hurt, I can just feel the tightening. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon so we'll see how things are going and if there is any insight to the arrival of this baby!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keeping her in and preparing for her outside

I'm 36 weeks today and the doctor will no longer stop labor. Technically I still have 4 weeks to go, but this little girl has been measuring about 3 weeks ahead so really I don't want to keep her inside much longer. Ideally I would like her to grace us with her presence sometime next week, but since it's not so much up to me I'll just try to be as prepared as possible for her arrival in the outside world. I have been getting horrible headaches the last few days I would love for them to go away. Nothing really seems to be helping keep them at bay so hopefully delivery will cure them.
I will be delivering this baby girl at Aspen Valley Hospital with the wonderful support of my best friend, Addam. And we will be spending the first week just getting used to our new little family before chaos begins when EVERYONE starts visiting our new arrival.

Maternity Pictures

UltraSound Pictures

Baby Ava on July 28, 2008
Loving Life on the inside!

Getting this started

I'm working on getting this started, at least trying. I may figure it out, I may give up, but for now...I'm trying!