Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here's the story!

Here's the full story.

On Thursday (10-2) morning at my appt my blood pressure was even higher so the dr. sent me to the hospital to be induced. We got here at 1pm. They started the cervidil (med to dilate cervix) at 2:30. At 8pm the dr. stopped by to check me and I'd made no progress so she decided to break my water, I had a bit of a breakdown and Addam had to help me from completely freaking out.
I labored overnight and had a few meds to dull the pain but they didn't do much more than just make me loopy. I was progressing, but slowly. At 11:30 on Friday(10-3) I finally gave in got the epidural. I wasn't completely numb but it took the edge off.
Around 4pm Ava's heart rate sky rocketed and wouldn't come back down so we started talking csection. I really wanted to avoid that, but I always knew it was a chance. The dr. brought in the form for me to sign and started prepping me for surgery and the surgery team was in the hall and ready. I asked to be checked one last time ( at 5pm) and was 10cm! The dr gave me the choice to attempt to push but mostlikely not getting anywhere or to go straight to the csec. I knew I had to try everything so we started pushing. 40 min later she made her entrance into the outside world without a csection. Despite the dr saying she wouldn't fit and the fact that she was facing upside down, I still got her here.
She is still on oxygen, partially because of a very small amount of fluid in her lungs (that has gone away) and partially because of the elevation. We just can't seem to get her off that last little bit. We are hopeful that going home (about 2,000ft drop in elevation) will do it for her and we can lose the O2.
We should get to go home today (10-5) as long as she continues to do well.
Feeding has been tough, she just gets so worked up. We've supplimented a little with formula, but hopefully soon we can get her off that as well. Recovery is going well, still sore.
I did get the best birthday present ever, even though she came a few hours before my birthday. The hospital was having an open house yesterday so I still go my bday cake! And every nurse sang 'happy birthday' to me!
I should be sleeping (since it's 430am) but I just can't seem to fall asleep. I'll post more pictures soon.
Our precious baby is just that, precious!

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