Thursday, September 25, 2008

Appointment Update

I had my appointment today. It was at the Aspen office, I like that office!

I think I saw everyone there, from the nurses to the nurse practicioner to the doctor, they are all ready for me to pop!

Ava looked great on the ultrasound. We looked at all the chambers of her heart and saw it beating away at 154bpm (perfect). We saw her practicing breathing and swallowing, and her little tiny bladder was full! She's measuring about 8lbs, but that is just a rough estimate. She's still enjoying her little haven!

My BP was still high, but not off the charts (150/90), so they drew more blood. I called the nurse a vampire! The doc was on her way to the hospital so she was going to drop off my blood in the lab so I should get the results back this evening.

I have another appt on Monday afternoon. Until then, I sit on the couch and take as few pain meds as possible to tolerate the pain.

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