Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another update

My appt went well. Ava wasn't wanting to wake up for awhile, but then we finally got her moving and they wanted her to calm down...it was pretty funny. I'm sure she was thinking, "what do you people want from me?" My BP was 148/87 when they first took it and then 141/89 just before we left. It looks about the same as it has. I have another appt on Thursday. The nurse I had today is the idiot that doesn't know anything. She's also the one that made the huge bruise and knot in my arm when she drew my blood...I just can't stand her and today she spelled like poo, that was gross.

I came home to the water being turned off! Yippee, I so love the construction site across the street! I would love them even more if they would stay on their side of the street and stop interrupting our side. How is a 9mo pregnant woman supposed to survive without water? I asked them how long it would be off and they said it should only be another hour or so. They told me I was welcome to use their port-a-potty if I liked....YUCK!

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