Friday, September 19, 2008

Yet another day on bedrest

I'm home on bedrest. And I just want my head to stop hurting.

I had an appointment yesterday afternoon. Ava looked good on the NST and the ultrasound, never thought I would spend this much time on the monitors! She seems to be doing well. My bloodpressure was really high, 164/84. They drew more blood and will let me know the results this evening. It just frightens me that there is no way for me to tell if my BP goes up.

I don't have a video of Ava, but when we were watching her on the ultrasound she looked like she was crying! It just broke my heart. Her mouth was open wide, her eye lids were closed tight and her chin was quivering. I just wanted to cuddle my baby girl. It made me cry too!

Here is a video of another baby crying in utero, just heart breaking!

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