Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keeping her in and preparing for her outside

I'm 36 weeks today and the doctor will no longer stop labor. Technically I still have 4 weeks to go, but this little girl has been measuring about 3 weeks ahead so really I don't want to keep her inside much longer. Ideally I would like her to grace us with her presence sometime next week, but since it's not so much up to me I'll just try to be as prepared as possible for her arrival in the outside world. I have been getting horrible headaches the last few days I would love for them to go away. Nothing really seems to be helping keep them at bay so hopefully delivery will cure them.
I will be delivering this baby girl at Aspen Valley Hospital with the wonderful support of my best friend, Addam. And we will be spending the first week just getting used to our new little family before chaos begins when EVERYONE starts visiting our new arrival.

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Gorilla Blogger said...

good luck, best of luck with it all. I was just searching blogs and found this one, touched my heart.

All the best X