Friday, September 10, 2010

I just can't seem to keep up with this...

Ava will be 2 years old in just a few short weeks. I have no idea where the time has gone. I think I may have accidentally blinked.
Life has been crazy and we are finally getting settled into the beautiful Colorado mountains. Here's our view! No, this photo isn't edited.
I would love to promise that I'll actually get some posts on here on a more regular basis, but I can't make that promise. I'll see if I can't try a bit harder though!
Ava is above and beyond with development. She is blowing through milestones like crazy, in all areas except speech. She just doesn't want to talk. She babbles and does communicate with us, but she doesn't say much. I'm not worried...yet!
Here are a few pictures so you can see just how big she's gotten!

p.s. Mejialar I know you read my blogs. Hunt me down so we can catch up! Try facebook.

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The Bozo's: said...

I will! Ava is so cute!! I hope you can update more! I am so jealous of your view by the way :-) I will try to find you on FB.