Friday, October 8, 2010

Creativity and imagination!

Some days I do wonder where her ideas come from, other days I know exactly where those thoughts originated.

Miss Ava is now officially 2, though her temperament has been showing her "2 year old" side for months now. Ironically it seemed as though she hit her second birthday and her behavior miraculously improved drastically.

She so creative. We've really been working with her to potty train. She doesn't really seem to care much so I don't push the issue too much. She's decided her baby dolls need to potty in the toilet as well so we stand in the bathroom while she undresses each one and sets them on her little toilet and then does a "happy dance" to encourage them to potty. It is quite possibly the funniest thing I've watched her doing. She then asks me for an m&m to give her baby for trying. She pretends said baby is eating the candy then quickly pops it in her own mouth. I do appreciate the tactics!

Today she decided she needed to wear diapers all day, which is fine with me, potty training is up to her. She then went and got 2 of her baby dolls and 2 BG3.0s ( ).
She undressed the baby dolls and put the diaps on them and gave them a "potty" talk. It was great. She then decided one of them "booped" which is how she says poop. She got the wipes, and started cleaning up her baby, the entire time saying "pewww." She then went to the toilet, grabbed the diaper sprayer (which I absolutely LOVE from ) and washed the diaper and then put it in the diaper pail. I'd say she has the idea of where it all belongs!

I've started getting creative with what I give her so she can use as much imagination as she likes to go about her days. She has access a large variety of art supplies and can come of with some great pictures, sculptures, and towers. When I make dinner she loves to be a part of it, she wants to stir the pot, I haven't gotten the nerve to let her stir on the hot stove. She plays in the pot and pans cupboard and has spoons and turners. She loves the hot mits and at least once has to put them on and say "hot hot, careful" as she carries the pot across the kitchen. I really could watch her all day while she explores her world.

I hope you've enjoyed reading, hopefully I'll get better at remembering to share what is going on in the wide world of Ava!

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The Bozo's: said...

So cute! Glad you made it through the birthday party! LOL! I love that she puts her bg3's on her dolls! So cute.